How we do it

We create a comprehensive, end-to-end digital marketing strategy using industry-best practices. More than that, though, we actually listen to you. We’re a customer-focused shop that lets our people do their best work, to give you to best result.

Evaluate Goals

Every campaign is different. We work with you to analyze exactly what your goals are with any campaign, whether they are increasing brand awareness, generating new leads, or hitting certain identifiable conversion goals. Or a combination. We create measurable benchmarks so your goals aren’t vague, but something that can be achieved.

Research, Plan, Define

It begins with a plan. We learn everything about your industry, your company, your customers, and the people you are hoping to reach. We employ meticulous analytical rigor to our creative concepts so that we create a workable, measurable plan that meets our well-defined goals. A campaign starts from late nights and lots of coffee.

Iteratively Create & Deliver

Once we have our plan, our team of programmers, coders, UX experts, content creators, and project managers puts it into place. We design and execute a workable strategy, using a cross-disciplinary collaborative approach to create real, measurable results that position you as a leader in your fields and attract new leads and customers.

Monitor & Refine

There’s no plan that stays unchanged once it gets into the field. That’s why we use a rigorous analytical approach to measure benchmarks, including engagement and conversion. We tweak anything that needs to be fixed, monitoring changes in customer reaction and broader market trends. No modern strategy can stand still. We keep moving.

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight
  • Attract more qualified prospects

    Blogging is the heart of your content marketing strategy. Combined with infographics, white papers, videos, and more, it increases your SEO rankings, brings in market-qualified leads, and positions you as a thought leader in your field. Our blogging team creates insightful, engaging, and expertly-written posts, publishing consistently and frequently for the best results.

    90% of customers begin their buyer’s journey with a simple online search, asking Google or Bing a question about their needs. So if someone asks for a service or product that they need, the first thing they see should be your company. Our proven SEO strategy moves you up to the first page, attracting customers through keyword research, website improvement, and blogging.

    Social media has to be an important part of nearly every inbound marketing strategy. But it is more than just putting out a blog post on Twitter. Our comprehensive social media strategies analyze best times to post, what messages should go out on what medium for which of your markets, and how to tailor messages to attract followers and generate more market-qualified leads.

    SEM, PPC, Facebook and Twitter ads, Instagram marketing—paid ads are far more complex than choosing between TV and radio. Intelligently targeting which paid strategies work best for any given market, any customer, and any given medium is what separates a successful campaign from a scattershot approach. We find the right solution that provides your best return on investment.

  • Convert more leads and grow your pipeline

    Every stage of the inbound process has to offer a value proposition that will bring in more leads by presenting them with something they want. Whether that is a white paper on industry issues or a free webinar, or even a simple fun giveways, we know that inbound means attracting people by offering them something in exchange for their information. It starts the relationship.

    We’re interested in one thing: results. That’s why we consistently optimize our approach and our content to find out what works best. Leading potential customer through the sales and marketing funnel means optimizing our approach through all stages of the buyer’s journey in order to attract the most leads and turn them into customers. We turn content into closes.

    Email is not outdated. Email marketing is still one of the most important ways to distribute targeted content to potential and existing customers. Our email marketing send relevant messages to interested parties based on sign-ups, demographics, and behavior. It’s never spam. It’s always a useful message that keeps you in the forefront of their mind and leads to decisions.

  • Close more sales, turning leads into customers

    Any marketing or sales process is about relationships. Inbound marketing helps with that relationship-building process by consistently offering more targeted and personalized information throughout the buyer journey, helping sales create solutions that match the actual pain points of the client. It’s all about offering them the information they need to make a decision.

    Maybe your emails are read the most at 7AM your time, before you get to the office. Maybe you need to monitor social media to know when you are mentioned. Maybe you have a systemic drop email campaign that needs to be meticulously times. Marketing automation systems are a way to create and control an inbound strategy that can succeed without taking up your team’s time.

    People aren’t easy to predict, but with dynamic lead scoring, they are easier to measure. When a lead is in the sales and marketing pipeline, we can evaluate their behavior matched against a profile to understand how likely they are to become leads. This measurable scoring system, constantly updating, allows your salespeople to focus their time on the most likely conversions.

  • Earn loyal promoters

    There are a few aspects of social media monitoring. 1) Responding to complaints or dissatisfaction; 2) thanking customers for their support; and 3) surprising your followers with fun offers and prizes. It’s about positive interaction and turning negatives into good experiences. That’s how you create a real connection with followers, humanizing your business and generating loyalty.

    There are a lot of ways to get people attention, and one of the most fun ones is to create games that they can play, enjoy, and share. The idea of games can be as broad as a quiz, a scavenger hunt, a sweepstakes, or a contest. You can use these to build a community of followers who associate you not with just products, but enjoyment. This is how they become your brand evangelists.

    Fully-Informed Representatives
    The flow of information goes both ways. Inbound marketing creates an information pipeline that spreads to every aspect of your business, including your customer service reps. When marketing, sales, and customer service work together, the customer has their questions answered and their problems solved easier. That means more positive reviews, more word-of-mouth, and more business.

The Inbound Team

Inbound marketing isn’t sustainable without proper planning and resourcing. We have a designated inbound marketing team ready to help your organization. This team helps you analyze and measure marketing efforts to continue to improve. A successful inbound strategy has a number of individuals working in tandem that help you grow your reach. RDIA’s inbound marketing team consists of:

Team Member

The Strategist

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager plans, manages and executes the marketing strategy. They  amplify your inbound efforts by creating programs and keeping your leads engaged.

Team Member

The Analyst

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator is in charge of your marketing automation platform—deploying emails, creating scoring rules, implementing lead scoring, and tracking analytics.

Team Member

The Ghost Writer

Content Strategist

Our content strategists act as if they are truly part of your company. In fact, they get to know your company so well, you'd think they were some of your most tenured employees. 

Team Member

The Partner

Client Engagement

A Client Engagement Partner works closely with you to identify your specific needs and business objectives, and then help identify and implement strategies that help achieve those goals.

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